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      Police College Whirlwind

      Aktor: RyanLiu Sui Yumeng Li Boyi You Le'er
      Peng Fei, a gifted teenager with a superior family, suffered a strange death of his father.In order to find out the truth, Peng Fei was admitted to the police academy. Meng Fansheng, the policeman who handled the case, turned out to be Peng Fei's teacher. In a complex mood, Peng Fei, Li Wenwen, Yang Siguo and other six students with their respective expertise formed the experimental class in police academy .Peng Fei also found that there may be a huge criminal syndicate behind his father's death. After graduation, Peng Fei was undercover in black evil force.Working in collusion with former classmates and teachers ,Pengfei find out the truth of his father's death,and finally he unveiled the mystery of the "boss" behind the curtain.