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      My Mr. Mermaid

      Seven Tan Dylan Xiong
      College Swimming League was about to start, the peak match between Qi Ruifeng, a player from The NanYang University of Sports and Ouyang Heng, player from The BeiJing University of Sports. At the moment, after three years of “dormancy”, Tang Yibai, a member of the sports team in The NanYang University of Sports, would return to the game in this league. His good friend Qi Ruifeng, his teammates and his coach all had high hopes on him. Tang Yibai was also working hard to pursue his dream again. Just before the competition, Tang Yibai met the intern reporter Yun Duo. Yun Duo encouraged Tang Yibai unreservedly and stood up for him after knowing Tang Yibai's past and dream. Yun Duo rented the apartment that was rented out by Tang Yibai's mother, but she and Yibai both have no idea of this truth. After accidentally discovering each other's identity, the two contacted more frequently, which leaded to a different feeling. However, high-intensity training and preparation require Tang Yibai to make a choice between love and dream. Tang Yibai finally chose to face all difficulties and obstacles together with Yun Duo. Finally, with the encouragement of Yun Duo and the help of teammates and coaches, Tang Yibai finally achieved and went to a higher level of competition.

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