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      Brilliant Girls

      Actor: YinTao YiSong Zhao Jinmai Nita Hu Lianxin Sean Sun
      Dai Xixi, who was born in a rich family, only devotes herself into marrying someone and nurture her kids. Wen Ruxue, wedding planner, advocates having fun in love. She seems to be pretty wild but she is a girl of strong principle. Wen Xiaoyang cannot stand with her study in Australia, so she came to Shanghai to go to her sister Wen Ruxue. Beautiful workaholic Ding Huiqiao, Dai Xixi’s bestie, considers her work as the most important thing in life. Qi Yue met Wen Xiaoyang by accident and they became friends. These five different girls met each other, grew up and improve themselves and finally had their happy ending.

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