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      The Beauty Skin

      Han Dong Zhang Yuxi Carrie Wang Li Ruotian Xiao Xiangfei Tao Huimin
      In the Jinning City, several men died one after another, and their bodies are shriveled, their faces looked miserable. It rumors that they were killed by banshees. Qiao Sheng rescued a young girl Bin Niang on his way back to the city, and Bin Niang had an instant attraction to Qiao Sheng, but Qiao Sheng and Liancheng had loved with each other for a long time and had agreed to get married. Wang Huacheng, who was infatuated with the beauty of Liancheng, asked his father to bring up with Shi Xiaolian (father of Liancheng) the proposal of marriage with Liancheng, and Shi Xiaolian agreed this proposal. After Liancheng learned that, she gave her agreement in no way and was seriously ill. The demon cat comes and wears the human skin, leaving unknown who turns into a demon and who puts on a beautiful skin?

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