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      Held in the Lonely Castle

      All 69 EPs

      Zhang Kaizhou
      Wang Kai
      Jiang Shuying
      Ren Min
      Yang Le
      Bian Cheng
      Ye Zuxin
      Yu Entai
      Wang Churan
      Liu Jun
      Wu Yue
      "Zhao Zhen is emperor of Northern Song dynasty. When he knows that his real mother is not the Queen Mother now but is only a maidservant at queen mother's side.So he asks the princess to marry into the Lis. But the princess don't like dull and mediocre husband but is close to her bodyguard Huai Ji. Zhao Zhen ruled the country as a balance, weighing the forces of all parties. He Taken great care on national affairs. But oneday ,his lovely daughter clashes with her husband's family and knocking on the door of the palace. How should a strict emperor choose?"

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