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      Diamond Lover

      Actor:  Rain Tang Yan Luo Jin Dilraba Ethan Yao
      Mi Duo fell in love with Xiao Liang, the president of a diamond company. Due to the different backgrounds and conditions, Mi Duo was afraid of expressing her love. However, a car accident completely changed her fate. After the car accident, Mi Duo became slim and beautiful by taking cosmetic surgery. She applied for a job in the diamond company and became an assistant designer. After the double blow of lovelorn and unemployment, Mi Duo realized that beauty was not the golden key to love. She was no longer troubled by beauty and ugliness. She wanted to become a qualified jewelry designer. Mi Duo experienced various setbacks in the workplace and never gave up. Mi Duo's optimism and her positive attitude deeply attracted Xiao Liang, who fell for Mi Duo in the process of helping her realize her dream. At the same time, Lei Yiming always kept Mi Duo accompanied as a friend. Mi Duo faced the choice between friend and love. In the end, Mi Duo left for Belgium to fulfill her dream.

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