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      Dream of Chang'An

      Mainland,China|All 49 EPs|Traditional Costume · Romance · Suspense
      Zhang Yuxi
      Xuan Lu
      Han Dong
      Michael He
      Yang Xizi
      During the reign of Wenzong at the end of the Tang Dynasty, the eunuch was under a dictatorship. Emperor Wenzong of the Tang Dynasty and Wang Ya, Li Xun, Zheng Zhu, and others set up a "nectar plan" in an attempt to punish the eunuch Qiu Shiliang, but unfortunately failed. Prime Minister Wang Ya and his family were executed, but her two granddaughters escaped. One of them was adopted by Shanggong of the Purple Clothes Bureau, Yu Xi, and changed her name to Yu Bing’er, while the other was determined to take revenge and changed her name to Yan Zhi, becoming Qiu Shiliang’s adoptive daughter. Seven years later, Qi Yan ascended the throne and ordered Purple Clothes Bureau to fight against Qiu Shiliang. As a result, the two sisters met fatefully in the opposing parties. Yu Bing’er, who had amnesia, couldn’t recognize Yan Zhi, who also couldn’t recognize her grown-up sister. In order to find the edict of Wen Zong, the two people with very different personalities and evenly matched had become rivals and then been mortal enemies. When she knew that the person she had been framed was her younger sister, Yan Zhi, who was in a vortex of revenge, decided to sacrifice herself to save her younger sister. In the end, Yu Bing’er helped Qi Yan eliminate Qiu Shiliang. After the death of Qi Yan, the king of Guang Li Chen came to the throne and determined to do his best to reinvigorate the Tang Dynasty.

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