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      The Boundary

      Li Yanan Gan Lu Su Ke Fu Tianjiao
      A campaign of besieging gun peddler gangsters ended in just seven minutes. Several gangsters were killed and leader Xu Zhihai was captured alive. The task was completed neatly, but Li Jian, director of the Public Security Bureau of Linhe City, was anxiety-ridden however. Since major gun-related cases occurred on the border one after another, he worried that there would be endless trouble but for remediation. According to Li Jian's instructions, investigator Zhang Meng of the Linhe City Public Security Bureau sneaked into the prison as a prisoner, preparing to dig clues from the criminal Xu Zhihai. Try as he might, Zhang Meng successfully earned the trust of Xu Zhihai, but Xu Zhihai kept his mouth shut about the gun all along. By chance, Xu Zhihai snatched the garbage truck to escape, and Zhang Meng did not hesitate to follow Xu Zhihai to board the garbage truck. On the way out, Xu Zhihai was shot dead by the police. Before he died, he asked Zhang Meng to go to Russia's Lavisk City to find his brother, Xu Zhiqiang.

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