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      Fox's Summer SS2

      2017|Mainland,China|All 23 EPs|Romance · Story · Idol · urban
      Chung Chung YuDirector
      NameChung Chung Yu
      Date of birth1978-06-19
      Jo JiangActor
      NameJo Jiang
      Date of birth1991-08-12
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      Seven TanActor
      NameSeven Tan
      Date of birth1990-05-31
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      Gu Chengze is the president of Gu’s Department Store Group and the adoptive son of Mrs.Gu. Mrs.Gu wanted her real son Gu Jinyun to take over the company, while Gu Jinyun was careless. So Mrs.Gu ordered Chengze guiding Gu Jinyun in position. During this period, Gu Chengze met the fashion designer Li Yanshu, and accidentally learned that she had a relationship with Gu Jinyun before, and she brings a deep impact on him. As a breakthrough, Gu Chengze recruits her into the company, and then they two fall in love each other gradually. One day, Gu Jinyun saw Li Yanshu enter the company, he decided to pursue her again, but Li has no feelings for him. When Mrs.Gu heard of the incident, she strongly objected and demanded that Chengze isolate them, which brought Gu Chengze and Li Yanshu together. A car accident reveals Chengze’s life: he is the real son of Mr.Gu. He can not believe it, Finally, accompanied by LiYanshu, Gu Chengze weathered all kinds of difficulties. At the same time, Gu Jinyun also grew up after experiencing many things and took office smoothly.

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