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      The Love Equations

      2020|Mainland,China|All 28 EPs|Romance
      Xing XiaoDirector
      NameXing Xiao
      Date of birth--
      Simon GongActor
      NameSimon Gong
      Date of birth1992-11-29
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      Reyi LiuActor
      NameReyi Liu
      Date of birth2001-10-10
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      Li GeyangActor
      NameLi Geyang
      Date of birth1997-07-31
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      NameJulio wan
      Date of birth1997-12-23
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      The Love EquationsThe Love Equations

      Zhou Xiao is a university literature student, who indulges herself with mysteries and criminal novels. She publishes her own online novel, starting to seek for more medical examiner inspiration when she gets enrolled into the same college as Zhao Fanzhou. Zhao Fanzhou is a cold guy from the forensic science department whom nobody expects to fall in love. However, it changes when he meet Zhou Xiao who always happens to be in some sort of troubles. He starts to help her form her own club, and often appears beside her with reasons to make her be following his pace. This drama tells their sailing round and round circles of love story.

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