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      Top Secret Together

      Yuuki Durongsang Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin  Nattapong Chinsoponsap
      The tumultuous story of 5 pairs of young men, each with their own secrets, "Lookmoh" and "Semai," a pair of trainee brothers who are always nervous. Because one person likes to stay still, while the other person is always excited. The couple faces a big problem when their families don't support each other. When the closest friend secretly thinks beyond the word friend. "Suea" and "Plawaan" are brothers and sisters who have been close since childhood. Has entered the selection of Suea as a representative of the university's basketball team with his own height not reaching, therefore not selected Suea, a high school boy, came to make him see his own worth."Copy" and "Nampu", senior engineer, brutal face but in gentle mode. When forced to become a senior Nampu, a 1st year junior who likes Copy, doesn't hesitate to flirt as he sees the true nature of Copy. "Boat" and "Newyear" couples that everyone is jealous of. After graduation, they invite each other to open a small coffee shop. The couple often consults on love problems. which those problems affect their relationship.

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