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      The Blessed Girl

      Actor: Zhao Jinmai YuanHong Lin Yi Cai Wenjing Xin Yunlai Chen Yusi Zeng Li ZhaoTianyu
      The ancient fantasy TV series "Ling Long" tells the story in a mysterious continent named "Suchuan", where there are many beautiful legends from the myth era. A catastrophe causes the gods to fall, and Suchuan enters a chaotic era of division. Years later, the young monarch Yuan Yi takes the throne and vows to end the chaos. Yuan Yi believes that the source of the chaos is the fall of the gods. He flees from the imperial city in plain clothes and finds the girl Ling Long containing power of the gods. Ling Long lives with his father Huo Tuxin in a remote village. Although she lost her mother at an early age, she is independent and excellent. At the request of Yuan Yi, Hu Tuxin, together with Ling Long and Yuan Yi, leave the village and embark on an adventure to save Suchuan. Evil can never rival justice. Ling Long, her father and their friends finally defeat the force of evil and lead Suchuan to a better new era.

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