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      My Amazing Boyfriend S2

      All 31 EPs

      Yu Shuxin
      Li Geyang
      Tian Yitong
      Actress Tian Jingzhi unexpectedly awakened the gene mutant Xue Lingqiao due to a car accident. They two later experienced hardships, eliminated their misunderstandings, and fell in love with each other. In order to let Tian Jingzhi live an ordinary life, Xue Lingqiao chose to leave her. Soon after, Tian Jingzhi became pregnant. Xue Lingqiao worried about the safety of Tian Jingzhi and the baby and secretly lived next to Tian Jingzhi. Tian Jingzhi met Yun Zhen occasionally, and found they two share the same interests. Yun Zhen then expressed his strong affection to “expectant mother” Tian Jingzhi. “S Organization”, headed by Qiu Yuebai, after learned that Tian Jingzhi was pregnant with the child of Xue Lingqiao, decided to stay with Tian Jingzhi using the identity of the uncle of the baby, but actually aimed to utilize Tian Jingzhi and her baby for the benefit of the S organization. At the same time, Tian Jingzhi’s body experienced rejection reactions, and the disappearance of women in the city occurred repeatedly. In order to protect the loved ones and protect the innocent people, Xue Lingqiao was once again involved in the disturbance caused by the gene mutants, and managed to relieve the crisis. After the crisis was overcome, the baby was born smoothly, and they three lived happily together.

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