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      The Times We Had

      Actor: ZhengKai YuanShanshan KenChu Xiao Liujia
      Wang Shuwang and Lu Lu met in Thailand, and after a series of thrilling things, they fell in love. After returning home, the two were preparing to get married, but they were opposed by the families of both sides. Wang Shuwang gave up his career in Beijing and came to Shanghai to open a ceramic shop to prove to Lu Lu's family that he could give Lulu a better life. Lu Lu’s parents still think that Wang Shuwang and Lu Lu are not suitable and do not agree with their marriage. Wang Shuwang’s half-brother Zhao Yan also came to Shanghai many times and had a quarrel with Lu Lu’s mother, Jiang Miaoyin. This caused the marriage of the two to be delayed again. The love of Lu Lu and Wang Shuwang continues to withstand the test and test from both families.