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      Beloved Life

      All 36 EPs

      Victoria Song Sunny Yin Fang Myolie Wu Wang Sen
      The main story line of this drama is the career and emotional support of two girlfriends, Du Di and Wu Congrui, who are young female gynaecologist residents competing with each other. At the same time, the spotlight also shines on the male lead, Liu Nianbai, and attending physician, Li Junshi. The story focuses on how professional women under 30 years of age achieve self-awareness and growth in the face of anxious intertwining of marriage, childbirth and career difficulties. It also uses the stories of various female patients in the obstetrics and gynecology department as a supporting storyline, and uses the obstetrics and gynecology hospital as the background of the story, portraying the whole picture of family and society, describing the physical and mental state and survival of Chinese women of different classes and ages. While saving one patient after another, Du Di and Wu Congrui not only realize the value of their careers, but also understand the value of friendship and love. This drama highlights the noble quality of young doctors' kindness, the positive spirit of contemporary young people's struggle, and their love for life and career.

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