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      Love Under The Full Moon

      Actor: JingyiJu Zheng Yecheng Merxat Mi AmySun
      On the day of Xu Xiaodong’s new game launch, there was an astronomical spectacle in the night sky, “Super Full Moon”. Under the dreamy moonlight, a pretty girl fell into Xu Xiaodong’s arms. And her name is Lei Chuxia. Lei Chuxia woke up and found that she was not only in a strange place, but also lost her memory. Sadly, she can only move around Xu Xiaodong. Once she goes beyond a certain distance, she will be pulled back to Xu Xiaodong. And the range is still shrinking! Xu Xiaodong was helpless and had to live with Lei Chuxia. The two young people thus began a life full of unexpected situations. Unknowingly, Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong have gotten used to each other’s company. With Xu Xiaodong’s help, Lei Chuxia found her identity and family, as well as her boyfriend Wei Xuanhe, whom she had been with since college. However, facing the strange “boyfriend”, Lei Chuxia did not rekindle her old love, but kept thinking about Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong, through various efforts, eventually helped Lei Chuxia to recover her true memories and also found the truth about her father’s wronged death ten years ago. When the two finally break through the barriers and decide to be together, they once again face the inevitable separation, which will span ten full moon years.

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