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      Princess Agents

      Actor: Zhao Liying Kenny Lin ShawnDou Li Qin IanWang
      During the chaos of the Western Wei Dynasty, a large number of civilians became slaves in the war, and their lives were like grass. The slavish girl Chu Qiao was sent to the hunting ground for the aristocratic entertainment to shoot, but fortunately the Xiliang Shizi Yanxun secretly saved. Later, she was taken into the door of the Yuwen family, who had the right to squat into the wilderness. She witnessed her brother and sister dying and vowed to take her sister out of the cage. Chu Qiao was concerned by the enlightened aristocrat Yu Wenzhao and was forced to undergo severe training. He also had a deep friendship with Yan Yu. In the battle between the Western Weimen and the Gates, the family of Yan Yan was slaughtered and was in desperate circumstances. Chu Qiao and his life and death and helped him escape the dilemma. However, after returning to Xiliang, Yan Yan’s ambitions swelled, and he did not hesitate to take the hegemony of the people of Manchu. In the desperation, Chu Qiao parted ways with Yan Yan, and fought side by side with Yu Wenzhao, who was striving for "the world to unite and release the slaves to stop the Ge". He shattered the revenge plan of Yan Yan and became the general of the bandages. The power minister Yu Wentai also released the slaves under the advice of the good ministers, and the tyranny of the murderous people who had been slanders for hundreds of years was thawed.

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