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      Miss Fox

      2022|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Romance · Family · Story
      Kong Qili
      Ding Shiyu
      Sun Hucheng
      Wang Tianyu
      Ruan Jiaxi was betrayed by her boyfriend Shen Hao and her sister Zhao Yan and fell down the stairs, before losing her consciousness, she learned the strange cause of her mother’s death. When she was waking up in the hospital, she pretended to have a memory loss and didn't trust anyone. While investigating the truth of her mother's death, she got all things belonging to her by dealing with her boyfriend and sister. In this period, she met the CEO of Jiang Group, Jiang Ruichen and fell in love with him, they trusted and helped each other and became a soulmate couple, which people envy very much.

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