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      With You

      All 20 EPs

      Shen Yan Liu Haibo YangYang Yang Wenjun
      Zhou Yiwei
      Tan Zhuo
      Crystal Zhang
      Lv Zhong
      He Landou
      Lei Jiayin
      Ni Ni
      Zhu Junlin
      Xu Lu
      Yang Yang
      Zhao Jinmai
      Leon Zhang
      Ren Zhong
      Chen Shu
      Lu Yi
      Adi Kan
      Johnny Huang
      Li Xiaoran
      Chai Zhengrong
      Jerry Jia
      Xi Meijuan
      Zhang Meng
      Jin Dong
      Sun Jiayu
      Mao Xiaohui
      Huang Zhizhong
      Wang Zijian
      Deng Lun
      Li Qin
      Dong Jie
      Liu Lin
      Li Baihui
      Dong Xuan
      Tu Songyan
      Jeff Bao
      Sun Li
      With You tells the stories of the Chinese military and civilians in the fight against the COVID-19 through narrative atoms. During the fight against the epidemic, there were medical workers, medical teams, military doctors, common takeaway deliverymen, vehicle volunteers, ordinary citizens, construction workers, disease control, community and public security personnel, young volunteers and workers of mask production. These ordinary people constitute the main force to fight the pandemic in all walks of life across the country, and have made indelible contributions to the fight against the pandemic.

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