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      Nothing But Thirty

      Aktor: Jiang Shuying Tanya Rachel Momo
      Gu Jia is up in the up in the enviable pyramid. She turns her husband from a firework programmer into a "Manager Xu", and also makes herself into a capable full-time wife. However, when the family has an intruder, Gu Jia does not escape. Wang Manni is a maverick rebel. She believes that she has both beauty and wisdom, always deserving better. However, she also has her own troubles. Zhong Xiaoqin belongs to the majority of the common. She has a common job, and a husband who has a stable job. She has been living as an ordinary wife, but accidentally her writing is sold at a high price. The economic and social status of the couple inverts overnight. The marriage with a strong wife and a weak man instantly loses balance.

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