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      Cinderella Chef

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      Actor: Thassapak Hsu Zhong Danni JianZhao Ko Chai Zhang Yicong GuansenSheng LusiZhao YitongLi
      Xia Chunyu was originally the legal son of JingAn marquis and was entrusted by Lord Yu to sneak into the Black Wind Village to become an undercover. The purpose was to help Lord Yu to find the evidence of the secret collusion between the Black Wind Village and the Prince. However, during the time spent with Bai Chongye, the clan leader of Black Wind Village, they established deep friendship and made Xia Chunyu facing the dilemma between friendship and loyalty; Ye Jiayao, a modern girl, accidentally returned to Huai Song Dynasty through the magical meteorite and became the daughter of Ye Binghuai named Ye Jinxuan. But was plundered to the Black Wind Village and used by Bai Chongye as a tool to test Xia Chunyu so she was sent to Xia Chunyu's room. In a sinister environment, Ye Jiayao has got through a lot of troubles by using excellent cooking skills and modern business thinking, and created her own world in the catering industry.