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      Swords of Legends

      Total 50 EP

      Yang Mi Li Yifeng Ma Tianyu ZhenyuQiao GillianChung ChenWeiting
      Set in the Tang Dynasty, a young boy named Han Yunxi (Li Yifeng) is infected by the aura of an ancient demonic sword known as the Sword of Burning Solitude. After his entire tribe was killed, he was brought to You Du by Sword Deity Yinzhen, where he meets Feng Qingxue (Yang Mi), who saved his life. Qingxue is part of the immortal order in You Du governed by Goddess Nuwa, who ensures that all ancient magical swords are properly sealed from the mortal realm. In an attempt to re-seal the ancient demonic sword, the people of You Du almost killed Yunxi, whose lifeforce is tied to the sword. To ensure his safety, Yunxi was brought to Tian Yong Cheng (Sword Guild City) by Ziyin, where he was given the name of Bali Tusu and trained as a swordsman together with his senior brother Ling Yue (William Chan). Years later, while slaying demons, Tusu meets Ouyang Shaogong (Qiao Zhenyu), who is on a quest to find a jade ornament that will help him create a resurrection elixir to revive his lover, Princess Xunfang (Gillian Chung), who died in a flood. They are joined by Qingxue, who left You Du to search for Yunxi and her long-lost brother Feng Guangmo (Vengo Gao) who disappeared 11 years ago after the massacre of Wu Meng Valley; Fan Lansheng (Ma Tianyu), a young master who seeks to escape an arranged marriage and a fox-turned human Xiang Ling (Zheng Shuang) who is searching for her parents. Eventually, Shao Gong succeeds in making the resurrection elixir and Tu Su's mother is awakened. Only then does Tu Su discover that Shao Gong has secretly endangered his mother. Shao Gong intends to use the jade ornament to control Tu Su and use him to assist his grand dynastic plans to rule the world.

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