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      The Revenge of Begonia

      Mainland,China|24 एपिसोड|Romance · Story
      Hong Xiao
      Yan Zixian

      To avenge her senior brother, Yang Anning, the famous opera actress in Yuncheng, riskily married He Xingzhou, the son of the local warlord. With deliberate traps, she used him to approach the center of power and gradually expose the truth. Yet she didn't know she was losing her heart as she set all these refined traps. He Xingzhou, the poker-faced young marshal, was known as the Devil of Yucheng. He was extremely vengeful only because he saw through this dark and rotten world. Everybody thought he accepted this actress who threw herself at him because he wanted to avenge his dream girl who betrayed him. Who would know that Yang Anning turned out to be the only light pouring deep into the coldness of He Xingzhou's inside? However chaotic the world became, after using all kinds of tricks, this smart couple still couldn't help falling in love and ended up obsessed with each other.

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