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      Crocodile and Plover Bird

      All 50 EPs

      Crystal Zhang
      Bolin Chen
      Wu Haochen
      Li Nanen comes from a small town and she has loved traditional Chinese culture since she was a child. After graduating from university, she studied architecture at the University of Bordeaux, France, and accidentally entered the Advanced Animal Research Society. This research institute is developing a set of ecological building systems called "Sky Garden". The soul of the research institute, Zhou Erwen, is a aloof scholar, committed to studying the integration of ecological protection and architecture. The two are cold-blooded crocodile and annoying bird in the eyes of each other, and become enemies. Zhou Erwen not only questions Nan En's talents, but also her traditional Chinese architectural concept. Gao Mu is always a peacemaker. After a period of getting along and running in, they find that the common fusion of their theories would be of great benefit to the "sky garden". After graduation, the members return to China to start their own businesses, and encounter many obstacles in the process. However, they become more and more brave. Using the theory they learned, they combine them with the domestic environment and local conditions, they achieve great success in the end.

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