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      Biography of the Specimen 4: Bones of the dead

      YujingLu HaoruiYu LeiYu CanCui LeiYang Tang Qin CairuiLi BinLuo
      After San Huo wakes up, she found the owner had many things to hide from herself. Sanhuo planned to take Jiangliuer and other people to leave Tiandu City, but found that drunken Laosha was kidnapped by Baiguji, and the chips is to exchange rivers with people. Lie sets up a trap with San Huo to capture the Baiguji. In order to get information, the people decided to take Baiguji to find a peeping old man who could peep at her memory. But they found the sad past of Baiguji. At the critical moment, Galuro interrupted the people. Later, the owner of the museum fought with Galuro. At last, he was stopped by the mysterious man of the owner of the annexed hall. The owner of the hall told her tribe to return. Shun lotus brake, the three fire brings everyone to rush home.

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