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      Fade Away

      Actor: Toey Pongsakorn Jarinporn Joonkiat Chanidapa Pongsilpipat Phatrakorn Bussarakwadee Yiiiwha Preeyakarn Chattarika Sittiprom
      Pang is an ordinary girl who fights for justice, kind-hearted, and fights the obstacles that life brings her. Pang has an older brother that she loves dearly, but was separated since she was a child. It's been over a decade since Pang's older brother disappeared from her life. She has prayed throughout the years that she will be able to see him again. On the other hand, Phu is a stern and serious person with a career, family, status but with just one exception; no memory of his childhood. One day, Pang meets Phu at a company she starts working at thinking that her co-worker is a good and warm-hearted person. She confesses to him that her first impression of him was that she thought he was her older brother, but puts it aside. In the end, she discovers that he's her older brother. What will happen to these siblings?

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