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      The Legend of Yang Jian

      Rocky Shi Jiang Di Wang Tinghui Fiore Li
      Some day in the early Shang Dynasty, Yang Jian fell from the sky and his memory was damaged, The village girl Ye zi from the nearby village were found and rescued. She worried that Yang Jian would be lonely and helpless. So she persisted in keeping him under the pressure of the villagers. The both gradually fell in love in their plain life, Until a band of robbers came to loot, breaking the calm. In order to save her lover, Yang Jian had to become a fighter priest. In the battle, the power of his third eye was gradually aroused. His partner Qing Huang, who has been lurking beside Yang Jian, is also looking for opportunities to restore his memory. t turned out that all this was the result of a conspiracy to move souls and other people...

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