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      Dear Designer

      Karlina Zhang Steven Jiang GuansenSheng Jiang Fangting Winston Chao He Saifei
      Shen Tiantian studied design with the support of Li Manli, the chief executive of Li's clothing. In order to repay Manli, she became a "shadow designer" for Tang Guo’er, Manli's daughter, and she became a confidante with Guo’er. Because of a misunderstanding, they fell in love with the same man, Zhao Mingyuan, the heir of the Zhao Group. Later, Guo’er married Zhao Mingyuan, but Zhao Mingyuan’s true love is Shen Tiantian. At this time, a scandal broke out in the Li family: Zhao Mingyuan was not the heir of the Zhao group, but was just a beggar adopted by Zhao Lange. Zhao Mingyuan resigned in anger and invited Tiantian to join forces and began the road to revitalization of "Made in China". Guo’er blamed Tiantian for the source of the misfortune, and she focused on designing in order to compete with Tiantian. The wise Zhao Mingyuan realized that the vicious competition between the Li and Zhao groups was caused by the foreign capital, which has been deliberately suppressing China's design industry. In the end, Zhao Mingyuan shattered the despicable plan of the foreign capital. Eventually, Guo’er and Tiantian joined forces to push the "Made in China" fashion brand to the world...

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