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      The organ of the Chinese name "Dubai" came from a police dog named Huashao. The naughty smashed a lot of disasters on the island and was punished by the "Look at the island." The young talented dog police officer Liang Yueshen’s outstanding talents and potentials were sent to the island to assist with the dogs. With the help of his colleague He Mumian, Liang Yue succeeded in getting the Chinese whistle to change his own problems. It not only played an irreplaceable role in public security and neighborhood mediation, but also played a major role in the detection of various cases and became a community star. . Liang Yue was stabbed by the needles of drug users in one operation, causing the suspicion of AIDS, and He Mumian and Hua Wei singed him. The Huateng was injured due to public injury and faced retiring. Liang Yue and He Mumian were in the same boat as the storm. The Chinese whistle recovered and returned to the police. The two men and one dog worked quietly in the ordinary and sacred position to ensure the safety of the party.

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