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      Perfect Couple

      All 40 EPs

      Yuk Fan Lam
      Gao Yuanyuan
      Edward Zhang
      David Wang
      Wang Zhener
      Chen Shan is a nearly 40-year-old female lawyer in the securities department of a famous law firm, and she's hit a bottleneck for her promotion. So she devotes herself to her work and has no time for the emotional needs of her husband and son. Her husband, Sun Lei, works in a state-owned enterprise and has taken on the burden of taking care of the family in order to support his wife's career, almost giving up his own career pursuits. This matrimonial model, which had been working well for nearly a decade, gradually lost its balance and became unbearable unknowingly. At this time, the investment banking elite Lin Qingkun appeared. And the large order in his hands became the target of Chen Shan and his competitors. Faced with the dual crisis of marriage and career, Chen Shan desperately tried to handle both at the same time, but it became more and more counterproductive. Sun Lei and Chen Shan went through a lot and met their perfect partners, who seemed to be more suitable for them. But in the end, they found that after all this, they still loved each other. They are not perfect, but as long as they cherish and support each other, they are perfect partners for each other.

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