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      One Door Three Commander

      2013|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|War · Story
      Yang Mi
      Yang Mi
      Bai Yiru
      Zhao Lusi

      During the War of Resistance against Japan, Yang Tiandong, the boss of the three brothers of the Yang family in Jiangdong area, was the commander of the eighth Route Army python column, the second Yang Tianbo was the commander of the national army in Jiangdong area, and the third was the captain of the national army contingent in Jiangdong area. The second-rate troops were stationed in Jiangdong City, and the commander of the guard was suddenly assassinated. Yang Tianhong, the chief of his guard, was implicated, followed by the kidnapping of Lina, a commissioner from Chongqing, by the Japanese contingent, Hashimojiro. A series of strange events messed up Jiangdong.

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