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      The Wolf

      Actor: DarrenWang LiQin Sean Xiao ZhileiXin Guo Shuyao Ding Yongdai Lin Youwei
      Smart and kind Zhai Xing and Lang Zai, who was raised by the wolf, are childhood sweethearts. But because of Zhai Xing’s brother, Lang Zai thought he was betrayed by Zhai Xing, and then disappeared with any trace. Eight years later, Lang Zai has become the noble King Bo after being adopted by King Yang, Chu Kui. After meeting with Zhai Xing again, he gradually finds that kind Lang Zai before. The two are against the tyranny and uphold justice, recalling their happy childhood time. However, as their affection increases, Zhai Xing suddenly finds her identity as the descendant of the previous dynasty and the old grudge with Lang Zai. The two begins the path of miserable love experience...