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      The Seven Swords

      Zhang Yuwen Chen Jie An Ziyi
      In the late Ming and early Qing, Shura's Demon Eye appeared. In order to avoid the world destruction, Master Huiming sent his disciple Yang Yuncong down the mountain to find the Demon Eye. In the Shura Valley, Yang Yuncong encountered the witch from Shen Diaomen. He was attacked severely and left. The dying Yang Yuncong met Mu Lang who had always been upright. So he left his daughter Yi Lanzhu with Mu Lang and asked him to go to Tianshan to find Master Huiming. Sixteen years later, Shura King slaughtered the world. Liu Yufang met Ling Weifeng in the chaos. Finally the two recognized each other in the woods, that is, Ling Weifeng is Mu Lang, the childhood sweetheart of Liu Yufang. And because of her, Ling Weifeng was hurt by Shura King and couldn’t go rescue his disciple, Yi Lanzhu. Yi Lanzhu learned from Shura King that it was herself that caused the death of her father. And because Ling Weifeng did not save her this time, she became crazy and white-haired. How will the relationship of the three develop...

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