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      Game Of Wisdom

      2022|Mainland,China|All 40 EPs|Story
      Wan Qian
      Tian Yu
      Zhang Meng
      Tan Kai
      Northern Machinery Corporation was going bankrupt because of maladministration. Sun Heping, an overseas sales manager in Southeast Asia, was called back in an emergency to take over the job as the director of Northern Machinery Plant. Years of work in the international market gave Sun Heping a market-oriented sense, so he led Northern Machinery Plant to join Hanzhong Group, where his old classmate Yang Liu was in charge. Sun Heping began to introduce plenty of bold and profound changes in the corporation. After years of development, Northern Machinery Plant was brought to life from the edge of bankruptcy and successfully entered the stock market in Hong Kong. For the integration of the heavy-duty vehicle industry and the bigger and stronger development of Northern Machinery Plant, Sun Heping actively sought the acquisition of Red Star Heavy-duty Vehicle Corporation, which his old classmate Liu Biding had some holdings in. But Yang Liu tried every possible way to stop him, because Yang thought they should build Hanzhong Group, instead of Northern Machinery Corporation, into a world-class enterprise in the heavy-duty vehicle industry. These three entrepreneurs full of dreams were once classmates, but later they decided to start a breathtaking game with each other for the long-term development of China's heavy-duty vehicle industry. In the end, they made their own contributions to China's dream in manufacture from different perspectives.

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