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      One Love

      Saibandith Inthavong Annanda sundara Hannah Rosenbloom Burdy Inthalangsy Thuksin chounlamounty Siliphong yungnuvong Pasith Sichanthavong Phatthana xayyakoumman
      A Boys' Love (BL) drama about high school students. It depicts the dramatic campus life of a group of boy students who establish their relationships through tutoring. Their goal is to graduate from high school within the year. Neung is a study slacker at Class 7 who comes from a noble family but almost got dismissed for making too many troubles. His family wants to send him abroad to study. He tries to improve his grades so he can stay with friends. He asks Demo, a top student at Class 1 who just moved from another province, for help. Demo does not like his attitude and turns him down before having more time to know him. Neung knows Demo's family is poor and offers him higher pay. Demo accepts the offer reluctantly. They become closer after the tutoring begins and fall in love with each other as they have never met someone so caring before. Another happy couple is Neung's good friends Maow and Mak. Mak started to have a crush on Maow when they were little. He fears that they cannot even stay friends if he confesses to Maow, so he keeps Maow in the friend zone. Maow shares everything with Mak, including his secret love for Keng. Mak says yes to every request of Maow, even though sometimes against his own will. What will happen next? Will Maow open his heart to Mak? Will Mak have the guts to tell Maow the truth? Please wait for it.

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