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      Stay with Me

      Joe Chen Wang Kai Kimi Qiao Chen Ran Derek Chang
      A drowning accident, long-term brain hypoxia let famous fashion designer Li Weiwei (Chen Jon) lose part of her memory, her memory stays at 23 years old. In my memory, the boyfriend who was in love with the designer became a competitor, while her boyfriend Huo Xiao became her fiance. Li Weiwei doesn't believe she will break up with her ex boyfriend Chen Yidu (Wang Kaishi). She tries to investigate the causes and consequences. In order to protect Wei Wei and recover her fiancee, her fiance Huo Xiao (Qiao Renliang) tries every way to block Wei Wei's investigation and stay around her. Li Weiwei looks back to the past and finds that she and the people around her have gradually forgotten her original dream in their busy life. The reason why vivi and Chen Yidu broke up is that they ignored love and communication in the process of pursuing their career. They went further and further on the road of fighting and misunderstanding. Chen Yidu misunderstood the relationship between vivi and Huo Xiao and finally broke up with her. Li Weiwei, 30, decided to change the status quo. She gradually solved the past misunderstandings and solved the past problems with her rivals. She not only found love, but also regained her original heart and dream

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