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      The Untamed: The Living Dead

      Yu Bin Zheng Fanxing Faye Wang Gao Han He Longlong
      Close to Qi mountain, there is a Fufeng City once called “Little Nevernight”. A long time ago, the lanterns in the city shined all night long and made the whole city bright as daytime. However, now it is shrouded in darkness, and the legend of "lighing and killing" is circulating. After the protagonist Wen Ning came to Fufeng City, he found a lot of anomalies. The whole city was full of old, weak and sick people and was a scene of depression and ruin. When the night came, Wenning deliberately lighted up the lanterns to attract ghosts. When he was about to get him, a blue sword got in the way, and the black shadow took the opportunity to escape. Wenning looked up and saw a familiar figure flying in from the door. It was his old acquaintance, Lan Sizhui of the Lan clan. Then, Wenning and Si Zhui worked together, through unremitting efforts, the two finally solved the mystery, stunned the behind-the-scenes, and gave the people a peaceful world.

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