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      Love Revolution

      Thailand|All 26 EPs|Romance · Comedy
      A sudden accident put an end to the happy life of the silver-spoon son in Intalaweng Group. Aici and her mother Palin were hunted down by his father's lover, Vina. Palin died on the spot under the gun of a wicked man, and Aiqi fled to the Fabo Orphanage, and since then lived under the name “Seifer”. In the orphanage, Seifer met the lovely and kind Nicha, and also made friends with Wayu, Lin, and Cai. Then, the executive vice president of Bacayagam Group, Dai and his wife, Weimada adopted Nicha and let her live as their deceased son Nan because they look alike. In exchange, Dai had to fund the Fapo Orphanage and make sure Seifer and other orphans to complete their studies. From then on, Nicha said goodbye to her orphanage and friends and started a thrilling and rich life. Many years later, the four orphans Seifer, Lin, Wayu and Cai are fortunate to join the Bacayagam Group under the help of Dai and their adopted son Nan. Seifer finally gets the opportunity to collect the evidence of his mother’s death, and he can also go back as the heir of the Intalaweng Group. Through twists and turns, Seifer and Nan finally reveal a testament that can make him go back to Intalaweng Group legally with the help of three good friends, Lin, Wayu and Cai. In the meanwhile, Nan has done a lot for Seifer and they become emotionally involved with each other. In the end, Vina and other wicked men are put into prison. Seifer finds Nan is that girl in the Fabo Orphanage, Nicha. They get married finally.

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