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      The Menacing Duo

      Actor: Natanat Losuwan Natanop Chuenhirun Kummun Klomkaew Yanin Vismitanan
      Kaew and her brother, Kob, live in a slum with their alcoholic father, a flirtatious salesman. Their mother left them because she could not live with their poor financial situation, her husband's constant drinking, and philandering. Kaew tries to piece her family together, but it's not easy, especially when her father brings home a new wife with her lousy brother - creating more domestic problems. Concurrently, Kaew and her best friend, Toom, daughter of the community's chairman and owner of a boxing camp, try to keep the children in the community out of trouble. They come across Sira and his nephew, Prakarn, who blames Kaew's mother in conning his grandfather - conflicts ensued between Kaew and Prakarn. Will the chaotic community and families survive the disputes and differences?

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