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      My Amazing Boyfriend S1

      WeTV Only
      Actor: Wu Qian Kim Tae-hwan ShenMengchen Fu Jia AnitaHsu Xinliang Li Yifei Yang
      Xue Lingqiao (played by Jin Taihuan), a “Gene Mutant”, was awoken by a hapless actress Tian Jingzhi (played by Wu Qian) after a hundred years of sleep. Xue Lingqiao of dubious background and extraordinary abilities enters into Tian Jingzhi’s family by adopting every possible means. Tian Jingzhi pretends to be indifferent, but secretly tries every means to drive away this “monster”. Unexpectedly, this kind of fighting wits makes them closer, and they two gradually fall in love with each other. However, along with their increase of mutual affections, a tremendous conspiracy also spanned over a hundred years.