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      Cross Fire

      All 36 EPs

      Lu Han Leo Wu Dai Luwa Cecilia Boey
      In 2019, young boy Lu Xiaobei, who wanted to be an e-sports player, was invincible in the game. But later he was disqualified from entering the professional team due to an accident. In 2008, Xiao Feng, a poor e-sports veteran, barely maintained his team. At this time, e-sports is far from ushering in its best era. Xiao Feng's team was misunderstood and ridiculed, but he insisted on the dream all the time. In an accident, Lu Xiaobei and Xiao Feng meet across time and space in a game map. The two people in different time and space get along from doubting to trusting each other. The two each forms a team, jointly studying tactics and help each other grow. Dreams have never been easier, and the path of professional e-sports players is not easy, either. In spite of repeated boring training and being beaten by fate again and again, they never give up. In different times, the same passionate youth goes on. But just as Lu Xiaobei and Xiao Feng encourage each other and pick up, an accident happens...

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