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      The Legendary Tavern

      Total 46 EP

      Liu Hua
      Cheng Yu
      From 1928 to 1949 in the northeast, Chen Huaihai, a small figure who came to the northeast to "break through Guandong", was unexpectedly separated from his sons and daughters, and his daughter-in-law was deceived, so he had to come to Dalian to open a pub under Japanese colonial rule to make a living. The old pub has thus become a gathering stage of information from all sides and people of all kinds. Chen Huaihai, a tough and jealous man, used this stage to protect the "old North wind" that killed Japanese gendarmes, persuaded the commanders of the Northeast Military and Horse Brigade to return to the battlefield of anti-Japanese aggression, denounced the Manchukuo survivors who glorified the puppet Manchukuo, dueled with Japanese Rangers, and supported the Chinese people. Gu Sanmei, an underground party organization of the Communist Party of China, broke into the old pub and turned it into an underground transportation station for the Party. Under the influence of Gu Sanmei, Chen Huaihai's daughter Xiaomian jacket became an anti-Japanese traveller. On the eve of Dalian's liberation, Chen Huaihai's three sisters in Banggu smashed the Japanese aggressors'plan to destroy the city. They jointly ushered in the liberation of Dalian, and also harvested sincere love.

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