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      Transforming girlfriend

      Du Weihan WeiYuxuan XuMengyuan ShenShipeng CuiLingyu
      Hai Canhai, the director of the entertainment company, returned to China. She met her teacher Yu Yu and found the scar on her hand. She found that she might be the childhood playmate she had been looking for, so she was close to Yu Yu. In fact, Yu Yu has two other personalities, one is good at fist and the other is A beautiful, and the other is glamorous and moving, Lei Kaili, because the dance video and Hai Can's friend Mao Feng director walked together. Occasionally, Haican discovered that Yu Yu was the person she was looking for and learned about her multiple personality. Through further contact, it was learned that the rain was caused by the foster mother in the adoptive family. Since then, the sea can be guarded by the day, the two are in love, and under the multiple attacks of the former girlfriend of Haican, Yu Yu decided to leave Haican. At this time, Lei Kaili sneaked in, took the body's mastership, and gradually became popular, Haican wanted the rain to return to the side, but suffered a car accident, forgot the rain, and mistakenly thought that he was compounded with his ex-girlfriend. The care of the surrounding people awakened the rain, and the rain became a health, and he woke up with Hai Can. Hai Can returned to the rain, helped the rain to heal, healed the pain in the rain, and they never left. Win a happy life。

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