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      Couples, Couples, Couples

      Jacky Cheung Cherie Chung Elaine Jin Lowell Lo Lawrence Cheng
      John and Mary are lovers. They have been living together for two years. John is a commercial photographer and Mary is a busy executive in an office. John loves Mary very much, but feels that marriage will spoil the relationship which they not share. Mary has an older sister Elaine. Elaine's husband Dick Szeto spends more time away on business trips than he spends at home, leading Elaine to worry about their marriage. John and Mary are good friends with another couple, Billy and Sally. Billy and Sally's baby was being cared for by Grandma, but when she has to return to China briefly, the responsibility is thrust upon John and Mary. Billy and Sally's excuse is that they are just too busy at work. Along with the baby comes both problems and joy to John and Mary's home. Eventually, Mary wants a baby of her own. But John feels that babies are fun on a temporary basis only, and the thought of caring for one in perpetuity frightens him. Mary becomes town, so she purposefully gets herself pregnant. She decides to move out on her own to Shatin, determined to raise the child as an unmarried mother...