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      Legal High

      Sakai Masato Aragaki Yui Namase Katsuhisa Eiko Koike
      Rookie lawyer Mayuzumi Machiko at Miki Law Office went to legendary lawyer Komikado Kensuke for help to clear the name of the suspect of a murder, following the advice of Sawachi, the secretary of the president. Komikado is a very talented lawyer who will do anything for victory and he has never failed. Komikado used to be a star student of Miki, but the two big names went separated ways due to what happened five years ago. Komikado agreed to help thanks to the huge payment and he won the lawsuit with his eloquence that could distort the facts. After that, Mayuzumi joined the law firm of Komikado to continue her career, and the following lawsuits brought the past grudge between Komikado and Miki back again. This is also a battle between law and justice……

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