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      Mystery of Antiques:Calligraphy & Painting Identification and Porcelain Hunt

      Xia Yu VisionWei
      Xu Yuan is the descendant of Wumai (Five families in charge of five kinds of antiques). After clearing the shame of the traitor for the grandfather, Xu Yuan traces the antique counterfeiting group, Lao Chaofeng. But Xu Yuan’s good friend Yao Buran turns to Lao Chaofeng, so he has to investigate it alone. Fortunately, his girlfriend Huang Yanyan helps him. During the tracing, he learns that Qingming shanghe tu (Ascending the River at Qingming Festival) painted by Zhang Zeduan collected in the Imperial Palace is fake, which is a trap set by the Hong Kong auction company Bai Ruilian. Bai Ruilian intends to monopolize the domestic antique market. To avoid falling into the trap, Xu Yuan has to join forces with Lao Chaofeng and Yao Buran. After twists and turns, they finally prove that the collection in the Imperial Palace actually is genuine. However, the cunning Lao Chaofeng does not show up as promised. With the help of undercover Yao Buran in Lao Chaofeng, Xu Yuan and Huang Yanyan fight for the five blue and white porcelain cans and disclose the mystery of the cans. Then he reveals that Lao Chaofeng is Shen Yunchen, who has long lurked in Wumai. So far, this antique counterfeiting group is destroyed in its millennium. Xu Yuan not only manages to revenge his own family, but he wipes out the stain in the antique industry.

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