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      Zhou Yutong Simon Gong Jin Ze MansiWu
      Lu Fangning is the general manager of Luming Furnishings Group, one of a kind, with beauty, wisdom and wealth. Yet she is about to be 30. Under the pressure of family and career, Lu urgently needs a husband and a child of her own. Then the surgeon Ling Rui comes into her life, who is professional, handsome, and kind-hearted, a perfect husband in Lu’s eyes. Lu tries every means to earn his heart, and they get married. After their marriage, Lu, who acts tough, faces up to the problems in life and tries to change. True feelings gradually emerged between them. However, the crisis from their family and careers is beyond imagination. Lu, who suffered a career crisis, intends to divorce. Thankfully, Ling’s persistence makes her understand the true meaning of love and marriage, and they determine to face everything in their marriage and embrace a better future.

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