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      Intense Love

      Actor: Zhang Yuxi Ding Yuxi K-noor Julio wan Wu Yang
      After not showing up at the engagement party arranged by her parents, the actress Su Jinbei is hospitalized due to a car accident. She wakes up and finds that she has lost her first kiss to someone. More surprisingly, Zhou Shiyun, her attending doctor, is the "fiancé" whom her parents chose for her years ago. After falling in love with Shiyun at first sight, Jinbei takes the initiative to chase after the doctor. She deliberately creates opportunities and pretends to meet Zhou Shiyun by chance. She even kisses him when taking a photo together, just to get his attention. Facing the pursuit, Zhou Shiyun, who has already known Su Jinbei's identity, has no reaction to it at the beginning. No matter how hard Su Jinbei tries, Zhou Shiyun is as cold as an iceberg to her. However, Su Jinbei is not a woman who gives up that easy. She turns herself into "fire" to make Zhou Shiyun, the iceberg thaw bit by bit.

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