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      Actor: Hwang Min-hyun Jung Da Bin No Jong Hyun Choi Byung Chan Yang Hye Ji
      "Ho-rang' is a gorgeous influencer, who has a keen eye for the latest fashion trends. She is the most popular student at Seo Yeon Highschool. Even though, a lot of others are jealous of her, she faces a problem. During lunch time, someone anonymously give her a message that seems like a warning of revealing her secret through microphone, while everyone is listening. Ho-rang feels threatened that she might lose everything if her secret is revealed. She decides to join the Audio Visual Club to find the anonymous informant that’s targeting her. However, the Audio Visual Club is where Eun-taek, known to be very stubborn and meddlesome, is the president! Many girls have joined the club to get to see Eun-taek, but all left the club after experiencing his, excessive responsibility and convictions. The strong-willed Ho-rang, joins the Audio Visual Club because of her personal agendas while Eun-taek the perfectionist is determined to protect it. Polar opposites, they prepare for festivals, other events, and select the playlist for the afternoon broadcast together. Although they are always bickering, they are attracted to each other’s differences and there is a strange chemistry between them. Meanwhile, in the midst of all that, the anonymous snitch cleverly provokes Ho-rang in various ways.

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