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      Twisted Fate of Love

      All 43 EPs

      Wei Hantao Xu Huikang
      Jin Han
      During the Yin Dynasty, in order to save the world, Dongyue came back three times to the time before the war despite her sufferings and she wanted to kill the trigger of the war, Lu Yuantong. In the first comeback, she met Feng Xi who struggled to redress the family by all means. They saved each other and then had crush on each other but Dongyue misunderstood Feng Xi by his way to save his family. Dongyue's assassination led to the broke out of the war in advance. In the second comeback, Dongyue decided to believe Feng Xi but he lost his memories. Then Feng Xi fell in love again and he gave up all his plots and perished together with Lu Yuantong. In the third comeback, Dongyue saved Feng Xi and they redressed his family, defeated Lu Yuantong and made the world peaceful again.

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